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These are just some of the services I offer.
  • Kitchen/Bath ... Remodel, Cabinet repair or replacment, Formica Counter top , granite or corian (pre-fab only),  Fixtures, Shower doors, Tile, Paneling  *(please see note below)
  • Flooring... Wood Laminate, Tile
  • Trim work and light carpentry
  • Painting
  • Shelving and Closet organizers
  • Assembly of just about anything... Furniture, Desks, Bikes, Computer setup, Playsets, Grills, Outdoor fixtures
  • Drywall repairs
  • Window repair including older glazed windows
  • Repair or replace fixtures... Lights, Ceiling fans, Faucets, Disposals, Toilets, Sinks
  • Door and hardware repair or replace
  • Small screen enclosure repair / rescreen
  • Rental property clean up and repairs 
  • Install curtain rods and blinds
  • Gutter cleaning and repair
  • General routine maintenance... Lights, Filters, Smoke detectors, Door / Garage door hardware and lock lubrication/repair
  • Garage door opener repair/replacement

    Please ask if you don't see something listed that you need done, chances are I've done it. I also recommend reading customer reviews of the big box store services, you basically hire them to hire someone for you. Reviews tend to be mixed.

   How I charge... When ever possible I will try to give an up front price and stick to it. In most cases this will require actually evaluating the job as all repairs or remodels are different. A "honey do list " of small repairs, I will usually do on an hourly basis as these type jobs can take anywhere from 1 or 2 minutes to several hours. I can usually give you a ball park figure on this but can't always guarantee total time. If I estimate the job for 4 hours and it takes 3, then I charge for 3.

   I do have a minimum of $80.00 for a call which includes 1 1/2 hours of labor. I do not charge a markup on materials, what I pay is what you pay. I do charge for time to get materials (actual time, not time spent eating lunch or picking up stuff for a different job). There may also be a small miscelaneous charge for consumables ( screws, nails,wire, connectors, sandpaper, etc.)

   When you call, I may ask several questions in regards to the repairs or scope of work so as to be able to give you an idea of what it may cost over the phone.

* I do charge $150.00 for a kitchen plan. This includes.....Measurements, a floor plan, and material list for cabinets, trim and accessories. I do try to keep updated catalogs from the box stores for reference as to what styles they carry which also have some good illustrations to help in design ideas. When I have completed the plan it is given to you to use as you wish with no further obligations. This charge is credited to your job if I am hired. If you have looked into the free design the box stores give, I recommend having the layout looked over by an experienced installer who will actually check the layout to the kitchen area. It has been my experience that with all the variables involved, there are many things to consider when figuring measurements and cabinet placement, along with door swing and drawer clearances, fixtures, electrical and plumbing locations.

   While I will do fixture replacement ( cabinets,countertops, tile work, lights, faucets, sinks, dishwashers, etc.) if your dream kitchen will require altering/adding electrical circuits, plumbing, or major structural changes you may wish to deal with a contractor who is licensed to make these changes. I would love to see what you have in mind and would be glad to let you know whether or not it's a Handi Daddy job or would require a contractor. Most kitchens or bathrooms can
function well and look fantastic with just a cosmedic makover and you won't need a second mortgage to do it.

   Bathrooms... generally if you want a makeover (replace vanities, fixtures, tile,etc.) a plan is not really required as a few measurements and a material list and layout notes are usually all that is needed. Estimates are free for the average bathroom. Again if your dream bathroom requires major structural, electrical, or plumbing alterations you may wish to consult with a contractor who is licensed to make these changes.



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