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Kitchen/Bathroom remodeling, flooring, Tile, Paint, Trim work, Home Repairs 321-689-9783
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About Me


    I have lived and worked in the central Florida area since 1979. In that time I have aquired a great deal of hands on experience in Industrial facilities maintenance, Hotel and rental property maintenance, UPS fleet service, automotive service, Construction, Remodeling, Renovation, and in recent years, Toy assembly ( love you Bannie ). I have learned a lot working side by side with my Father, my Gandfather, my Father-in-law, and various contractors, all of which have shared thier own niche of expertise with me.

    I combine all this with the desire to do things with a true old fashioned work ethic of doing it right, taking pride in the job I do, and most important, making you, the customer happy. I dont just fix things, I try to fix what caused the problem in the first place. While some repairs may be beyond the scope of my license, I do have contractors that I have worked with in the past that I know and trust, and would be glad to recommend if needed. If you need a handyman then call the HANDI DADDY and see what you've been missing. It truly is MORE than just fixing things that will make the difference.

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