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Welcome to the Handi Daddy home page

         Here you will find all the information you need about Handi Daddy Home Maintenance and repair services including images of some of my work, background and experience, Handyman and remodeling services I offer, and how to contact me. My goal is to provide you with top quality work, old fashioned work ethics, sound advice and direction based on my experience, and customer satisfaction, all at a fair price. If you have a job you need done and don't see it listed here, just call or email and ask. Got an Idea for the house or office but not sure how to do it or what would be involved, Handi Daddy can help, I'm always looking for a challenge.

          A good handyman can be a great asset for all your small home, office, or rental property maintenence and repair needs.  whether you are to busy to do it yourself or just not the handy type ( it's not a crime) , let HANDI DADDY take care of it for you so you can concentrate on the things YOU want to do. So have a look around the site, get to know a little about me and what I do, and please let me know how I can serve you today. And remember, A JACK OF ALL TRADES,  IS A TRADE IN ITSELF.

Thanks, The Handi Daddy

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